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 Name:  Stuart Campbell
 Current position:  Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coach
 Current employer:  Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. New Zealand
 Time in current position:  Joined 2007
 Qualifications:  MA, BSc(Hons) PGCE

Statement (Contextual):

I have been working in tertiary education for the last 35 years. The last ten have been in sunny Nelson at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Prior to this I was based just on the edge of the  beautiful English Peak District from where I worked at Derby College, the University of Derby and the University of Nottingham at various times over a 25 year period. I am a recovering sociologist who has not taught a sociology for the last ten years. However, once a sociologist always a sociologist as they say and I have frequent lapes. These often occur with my involvement with the teacher education programme and my coaching role at NMIT where the legacy of Freire lives on with a belief that education should be about transformation rather than just endorsing the present.

In my role as a Learning, Teaching and Assessment Coach I work with tutors developing practice to ensure that students have the best possible leaning experience. I am particularly interested in where we can shift practice to be genuinely learner centered. I am involved in a project to redesign a business programme with a learner centered focus. One of my motivations for joining CMALT is that I see it as providing a space for reflection and support as we move forward with this development. I am specifically interested in how technology can enhance using assessessment FOR/AS the learning as well as of the learning.

I have been with Thom Cochrane from AUT for the last few days  and I have found these conversations about technology enhanced learning really valuable as we continue to develop new programmes. The CMALT community provides great opportunites for similar conversations to occur across the globe.


Stuart Campbell

October 2017









One thought on “TRANSFORM

  1. Sounds great, Stu. I share your motivation regarding support and reflection in the ongoing process around development of new programmes – look forward to sharing with you, the CMALTers, as well as the wider edu community.

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